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The Vietnamese restaurant is a modern Vietnamese restaurant with a young team that does everything to provide you with the absolute best dining experience for the Vietnamese cuisine.

With The Vietnamese you will enjoy the bistronomie style Vietnamese cuisine, a unique combination of flavor, processing and presentation of Viet Nam.


THE VIETNAMESE Heartmade Kitchen & Bar starts with great Vietnamese ingredients and served food filled with contrasts: rustic and elegant, simple and complex, but always authentic taste of VIỆT NAM

Everything we create is impressive and charming of the Vietnamese cuisine. Enjoy a relaxing lunch or a delicious dinner in a cozy setting with us. Here you can get Vietnamese inspired food with fresh vegetables. We focus on high quality food at fair prices. We use fresh, delicious ingredients and almost everything we serve is made from scratch.

Bếp trái


A visit to The Vietnamese eatery should feel like enjoying a short holiday in Viet Nam full of fragrance, taste and surprise. Here you will get a wealth of fresh local markets. At The Vietnamese eatery we even go out of our way to serve lavish, simmering and heavenly desserts.

You can also finish the week with a glass of champagne, cocktail, snack or maybe even a party.

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Beaujolais Nouveau & Vietnamesisk Baguette

As the Baguette was introduced to Vietnam in the mid-19th century, when Vietnam was part of French Indochina, it became a staple food in the early 20th century. During the 1950s, a distinctive Vietnamese sandwich developed in Saigon and became a popular street cuisine

Therefore, we must also celebrate the release of this year’s young Beaujolais Nouveau and serve according to French regulations Vietnamese Baguette along with the wine.

We offer the first 100 glasses of wine Beaujolais Nouveau and Vietnamese Baguette for 100, –

Subsequently, Beaujolais Nouveau can be purchased for 50, – per glass.

Order a table for subsequent dining at:

Beaujolais Noveau is made on 100% Gamay and with the method called Method Carbonic you retain the fruity style without many tanins. That’s why Beaujolais Noveau is a nice easy drinking glass of wine.

The day of the release of this year’s Beaujolais Noveau is set every year, and is the third Thursday of the month of November.

In France there was a race going from Beaujolais to Paris and when the wine arrived it was time to serve it. Today, in France, you can buy a glass at 12:01 at the earliest. The day is celebrated with party and fireworks.

We look forward to seeing you!

TẾT 2020- Vietnamese New Year

Vietnamese New Year 2020 will be on Saturday, January 25, 2020
Vietnamese New Year or Lunar New Year is known in Vietnam as Tet Nguyen Dan, or simply Tet, the Lunar New Year is a celebration of spring and the upcoming year. The Tet holiday starts on the beginning of a new year based on the Chinese lunar calendar. On the Gregorian calendar, the Lunar New Year falls between the end of January and the middle of February. In most of Vietnam, Lunar New Year celebrations last at least three days. During this time, the Vietnamese people spend time with family and friends while reminiscing about the past year.

MENU for TET | “Home-Cooking” Family Traditional style Dining
– 345, – Price pr. pers.

8 Servings -The menu must be selected by the entire table
* Comes in 4 laps
– Cha Gio: Crispy Vietnamese Spring Rolls
– Goi Cuon – Vietnamese Salad Rolls with Shrimp
– Gio Du Du Bo Kho: Vietnamese Green Papaya & Beef Jerky Salad
– Mien Mang Ga: Chicken Glass Noodles Soup & Baboo Shoots
– Thịt Kho Trứng: Caramelized Pork Belly and Eggs
– Dua Gia: Pickled Bean Sprout Salad
– Rau Xao: Bok Choy with Garlic and Oyster Sauce
– Che Chuoi: Vietnamese Banana, Coconut & Tapioca Dessert

! Please Book A Table for Tet Menu notes: TET 2020



Find us

Store Kongensgade 91, 1264 København

+45 25 70 91 91


Find us

Store Kongensgade 91, 1264 København

+45 25 70 91 91