Vietnamese restaurant in Copenhagen


The Vietnamese is a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant in Copenhagen, where you can enjoy the best of both traditional and modern Vietnamese cooking in an atmospheric and cosy setting.

You’ll always be greeted by a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, where you can relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family. Prepare to step inside a little corner of Vietnam – an exotic world with exciting aromas, quality ingredients and exquisite dishes from Vietnamese cuisine.

Food made with love – Vietnamese restaurant in Copenhagen

At The Vietnamese, we base our menu around the traditional Vietnamese family kitchen – just like our ancestors have done for many generations before us. But we are also curious and passionate about our cooking, and we enjoy combining and merging classic Vietnamese gastronomy with inspiration from Nordic ingredients. In our Vietnamese restaurant in Copenhagen we strive to inspire our guests and their taste buds, so we ensure our menu always has a rich and authentic range of interesting dishes. At The Vietnamese, we make food with love.

Our three chefs, Bao Son Pham and the brothers Duc Huy Do and Vinh Hien Do, each contribute with their own unique culinary skills and personal interpretation of the Vietnamese cuisine – exciting ideas from the evolutionary fusion cuisine to modern Vietnamese classic cooking with old-style recipes. All dishes are naturally based on fresh, organic and sustainable ingredients.

Vietnamese hospitality and Danish ‘hygge’

Although our culinary and gastronomic passion is at the heart of The Vietnamese, the atmosphere and hospitality play equally important roles in our restaurant. We aren’t just a Vietnamese restaurant in Copenhagen – we are a warm and welcoming eatery, where Vietnamese hospitality and Danish charm are combined in atmospheric and colourful surroundings.

Please contact us if you would like to reserve a table.

We look forward to welcoming you in our cosy Vietnamese restaurant on Store Kongensgade 91 in Copenhagen.