Vietnamese food in Copenhagen


Vietnamese food in Copenhagen

Are you looking for a warm and welcoming place to eat authentic Vietnamese food in Copenhagen? Then you’ll be more than welcome at The Vietnamese. You’ll find us on Store Kongensgade 91 – right in the centre of Copenhagen. Step into our warm and inviting restaurant, where colourful Vietnamese decor and Danish design create a charming setting for our shared passion – gastronomy. We look forward to welcoming you, your family and friends to sample the best of Vietnamese cooking in our restaurant in Copenhagen.

Healthy and delicious Vietnamese food in Copenhagen

In Vietnamese cuisine, we use many vegetables and spices, meaning you can be sure of a healthy, low-calorie culinary experience when you eat Vietnamese food at our restaurant in Copenhagen. In Vietnam, we generally take great care not to use too many spices as we want to bring out the natural aromas of the ingredients. However, fish sauce – nuoc mam – is an indispensable ingredient in almost all Vietnamese dishes, just as lemongrass and lime are much-used ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine.

Authentic Vietnamese cooking

At The Vietnamese, our passion for food takes centre stage and we want to introduce our guests to a modern menu that reflects our authenticity and genuine pleasure in making food.

We want to inspire our guests, and although many dishes are based on traditional techniques and recipes, we love composing and combining Vietnamese ingredients in new, exciting and exquisite ways. The combination of our Vietnamese background and everyday life in Denmark means the Vietnamese food we make is inspired by both Danish and Vietnamese cuisines.


We are 3 chefs in the restaurant, who each put our unique personal touch on Vietnamese gastronomy, and you can also experience great diversity and inspiration from both classic and modern Vietnamese food in The Vietnamese in Copenhagen. Of course, traditional Vietnamese dishes such as beef noodle soup can be found on the menu, but you can also taste fusion dishes with inspiration from, among other things, Nordic cuisine. The restaurant also serves exotic cocktails inspired by our own homeland, Vietnam. We always use fresh and organic ingredients in our cooking.

Reserving a table

Would you like to taste authentic Vietnamese food in Copenhagen? Then visit our cosy restaurant on Store Kongensgade 91. You are also very welcome to contact us if you would like to hear more about the menus or if you would like to reserve a table.

We look forward to taking you on a delicious culinary journey around Vietnamese cuisine.